Caught up with our old amigo Marco Antonio Mazzini on Skype the other night and discovered that he has been touring the U.S. with his Belgian group, Thelema Trio, promoting its new Innova recording Neither From Nor Towards…, and that he’s moved back to Peru and founded a New Music ensemble called  LiPiBRePe whose debut concert next Friday, April 23,  will feature the Peruvian premier of “In C” by Terry Riley, as well as “Charisma” by Xenakis,  Steve Reich’s “Clapping music” and La Monte Young’s “Composition 1960 #7.”   Marco is, indeed, an adventuresome lad.

He and I had talked a couple of years ago about the possibility of doing a Sequenza21 concert in Belgium but it never happened for one reason or another.  So, the other night we decided to do a makeup with a change of venue.  Assuming our pool of composers can come up with some good stuff, Marco has agreed to dedicate a future (probably October) LiPiBRePe concert in Lima to music from the Sequenza21 community.

Here’s what you have to work with:

  • Violín
  • Viola
  • Cello (doubling electric guitar)
  • Flute
  • Bb Clarinet
  • Clarinet bass clarinet, conductor
  • Fagot (doubling alto saxophone)
  • Soprano
  • Theremin (doubling flute and electric bass)
  • Bb Trumpet (also C trumpet)
  • Small percusión (drums available and we can get marimba)
  • Piano
  • Electric bass
  • Laptop, controller

“We are looking for a second violin, oboe and French horn player,” Marco said.  “A charango and Pna flute player will be added to our group too. This is the first ensemble dedicated to New Music in Peru and we will only perform new music and free improvisations.”

The rules are:

– a minimum of 3 musicians, in any combinations
– pieces structure like “Les Moutons de Panurge”(Rzewski) or “In C” (Riley) are very welcome!
– stretches/graphics for improvisation are welcome too.

“We can prepare an instructional video about the possibilities of the Charango, pan flute and theremin, in case someone wants to write something,” he adds.

Lot of resources to play with there so if  you’ve been wanting to channel your inner Golijov, this is an opportunity.  Questions and scores to Marco at

Who’s game?

14 Responses to “Sequenza21 Concert in Peru? ¿Por que no?”
  1. Cesar Sangay says:

    Great opportunity to share music and waiting for new music. Thanks to Marco, Sadiel and Sequenza21!!!

    LiPiBRePe – synthesizer, MIDI controller and laptop

  2. We have just published a note about this on our website, with some additional information about the deadline for submissions and the concert’s date. You can read it following this link.

  3. Thanks Marco and Sadiel for checking out our music!!

  4. Hey there. I’m a composer and also the bass player in LiPiBrePe. It’s such a thrill to have our ensemble featured here! Looking forward for the concert!

  5. Rob Deemer says:

    Sweet – is there a deadline for scores?

  6. Esther Gruyaert says:

    Well well! Like Jerry says: ‘Marco is quite a lad’, ‘he’s the man’.
    Our Marco is just back in Peru and already so busy… Not that I expected the opposite, on the contrary! That’s great to hear. If the start is already that great, what will the future bring for him and his ensemble? I’m sure these Peruvian musicians will leave a great impression!


  7. If anyone have large files (scores/parts in PDF or mp3) please use YouSentIt ( to mail me your music!

  8. Jerry Bowles says:

    BTW, don’t forget to click on the new Carnegie Hall ad at the top of the left sidebar. That’s a call for scores, too.

  9. Jerry Bowles says:

    Couldn’t figure out how to make the upside down question mark, David, but I just copied yours and pasted it in. Fixed the e-mail address. Got a note from Marco an hour or so ago and he already had received four scores. Some of you obviously work very fast. Thanks, Zeno, but Marco is the man. I’m just the Dude.

  10. david toub says:

    Was just about to chime in that the e-mail is not correct, so I’m glad I cc’d your .org address, Marco.

    BTW Jerry, it should be ¿porqué no? Por qué means “because.” Spanish is a very logical, beautiful language. Now if only English made as much sense.

  11. Thank you Jerry for this post! The goal is to perform a full concert of Sequenza21 here in Lima with LiPiBrePe.
    Just in case, my e-mail is – I already received some scores!
    More details about the concert’s date will follow soon! Greetings to all the composers of Sequenza21!!

  12. Sweet! What a great opportunity. Thank you!

  13. Christian says:


    This is wonderful!


  14. zeno says:

    you are wonderful, mr bowles