As some of you know, I have a few “commercial” (or, at least, I hope they will be someday) websites on pretty conventional topics–i.e., human resources, commercial real estate, commie politics, and so on.  Most of the writing that passes through them is “serious” and short on humor.  Maybe, that’s why I found this musical gem from a real estate blogger named John Reeder to be unexpectedly hilarious and insightful:

Collectively we’re idiots.  As individuals we might be smart, but collectively we’re idiots.

Don’t believe me?  I offer Exhibit A: The career of Jimmy Buffett.  His music is terrible.  You would never listen to it if you were by yourself.  But play Jimmy Buffett in a gathering of eight or more people and try to count how many people don’t sing along – like idiots.  That’s because collectively we are idiots.  We’re the kind of idiots who put on Hawaiian shirts and celebrate the music of a guy who pretty clearly ran out of lyrics after Margaritaville.

Hey, I need some CD reviewers for Chamber Musician Today and we could use another reviewer for Sequenza21. No money but free CDs. Don’t say you’ll do it and have me send you 50 CDs and I never hear from you again which has happened more than once over the past several years. In fact, only three or four people have actually been consistent contributors so think hard before you say “yes.” If you still want to do, send me an e-mail (preferably signed in blood if you can figure out a way to do it) and I’ll send you stuff to get started.

2 Responses to “Wastin’ Away Again”
  1. Tom Moore says:

    Please sign me up!

  2. Chris Becker says:

    I’ll pass. But gosh, thanks for this wonderfully friendly offer!