The venerable Kronos Quartet brings its much-anticipated production of  Awakening: A Musical Meditation on the Anniversary of 9/11 to Brooklyn September 21-24 as part the Next Wave festival.  The program features works by Michael Gordon, Terry Riley, Osvaldo Golijov and Gustavo Santaolalla, and John Oswald—as well as arrangements of traditional songs from around the globe.  It is a collection of pieces designed–as Kronos violinist David Harrington puts it–to restore “equilibrium in the midst of imbalance” in those instances where traditional language fails us.

Thanks to the nice folks at Nonesuch Records, who just released Kronos’ recording of  Steve Reich’s WTC’s 9/11, I have a pair of tickets to the September 21 opening night performance (7:30 pm) to give away to some lucky S21 reader.  All you have to do for a chance to get them is leave a comment below about your favorite Kronos recording (and your email address so I can contact you.)  Next Tuesday, I will put the name of everyone who comments on a little slip of paper, drop them into a hat, ring my neighbor’s doorbell and have him pull out a winner.

12 Responses to “Kronos Does Brooklyn (and you can be there)”
  1. Reed Jackson says:

    For sheer repeat value, I’d have to go with the Glass Quartets, thought the abovementioned Cusp of Magic does have an otherworldly charm. And the Feldman jam for hypnotic bravura. So one of those, I guess.

  2. I know I’ve already participated and I’m not trying to cheat 🙂 but I had to add the score from Aronofsky’s The Fountain. Kronos + Mogwai performing some music composed by Clint Mansell is really worth a listen…

  3. Nate says:

    The way I was introduced to them was the theme to Requiem for a Dream so I’d have to say that.

  4. chantal dumas says:

    Please add my name on your mailing list.


  5. Chris says:

    I really dig their recording of Terry Riley’s The Cusp of Magic…kinda goofy but musical nonetheless.

  6. Kurt Mortensen says:

    Tough choice here. Do I have to pick just one? It’s got to be Different Trains for me.

  7. Chris says:

    So many strong contenders, but I couldn’t do without their recording of Volans’ Hunting:Gathering.

  8. Anna says:

    The soundtrack to “Requiem for a Dream”.

  9. Just like Emily, the Glass’ quartets. I still listen to them regularly since I got the recording years ago…

  10. Patrick Hogan says:

    Terry Riley’s Cadenza on the Night Plain.Sometimes, less really is more. The Original recording is brilliant, concise and gorgeous.

  11. Emily W says:

    Is has to be Glass’ Quartet #5. The 3rd movement is the sound of radiance to me.