Carter Ticket Giveaway Deadline Extended

Hi, All.

We’re giving entrants another day to put in for the Carter ticket giveaway, extending the deadline until tomorrow (Monday).

All we need is your name and a brief (a sentence or two) statement about Carter.

Check back Monday evening for our next giveaway: memorabilia signed by Elliott Carter!

2 thoughts on “Carter Ticket Giveaway Deadline Extended

  1. I am a jazz /classical flutist and met Mr Carter when he would shop at tower records classical dept .
    He was always so interesting, funny and we were thrilled to have him around there.
    since i closed the store at night i could play his cds a lot.
    I love his compositions, I attended his 80th birthday
    concert when i was working and had some $ … cant seem to find much pt work lately
    and would really love to come help him celebrate 103 – He is a national treasure.

    peacelovemusic , cl pyle

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