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Frank Zappa has a street named after him in Berlin.  Frank Zappa Strasse is in Marzahn, a district on the eastern fringe of the capital made up of communist-era housing blocks. 

Can’t think of any connection to music except for famous interviews with John Lennon and Johnny Rotten but Tom Snyder was the man for whom talk radio and TV was invented.  Nobody did it better except, perhaps, for Dan Aykroyd doing his impression of Tom Snyder. 

Ingmar Bergman died at 89.  There are lots of connections between Bergman and opera and classical music, both through productions he directed and the use of composers and musicians as characters in his films.  That’s today’s topic.  

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A bridge I’ve had since before most of you were born has popped out so I’m off to the dentist.  Somebody write something provocative or amusing for this space.

(There must some amusing stories about musicians or singers who’ve encountered medical/dental/psychiatric emergencies in the middle of performances.)

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whose version of Take My Breath Away is this:


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