I’ve been sick for more than two weeks: sore throat, hacking cough.  Stayed home from work just one day because I had no voice.  Been close to losing my voice on a few other occasions as well.  But there have been too many important things going on around here, especially deadlines my students are working around the clock to meet, for me to take a real break.

So other than that one day, which was thirteen days ago, I’ve been out and about every day for the last 25 days.  By out and about, I don’t mean trips to the grocery store or walks around the neighborhood, I mean interacting with students, colleagues, etc., ie meeting professional obligations.

It’s wearing me down, mostly because I am sick, but also because of who I am.  I tell my wife our kids have a bit of hermit crab in their bloodlines, because I seem to need to bury myself on a regular basis.  I need at least a couple of days a week when I’m closed off from the outer world.  Two or three times a year, my responsibilities pile up and I’m unable to hide in my hole for a while.

Then along comes spring break – at the end of this week – and all is well again.

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