Like many others, I am producing enough music that the need to back up files on a regular basis is an ongoing issue.  I bought my most recent backup hard drive two years ago.  The other day, as I was trying to back up files from a newish MacBook Pro, I discovered that the connecting cable for my hard drive isn’t compatible with the ports on the new Mac.

Though I am not a latest gadget freak, I do really appreciate all the creativity and imagination that goes into designing the ever more sophisticated devices that enhance my life.

But just once it would be nice if all that imagination and creativity could be put in service of a device that could be functional for more than two years – especially a device whose purpose is to preserve things for the future.

What’s next?  How long can it be before PDFs are no longer readable by current hardware, necessitating the translation of millions of scores into a new format?

When it happens, I’ll be here laughing at myself and my dependent ways.

2 Responses to “Backing Up is Hard to Do”
  1. josh gates says:

    The problem is Apple there. Old USB devices still work (a PC-pioneered technology). Old PC video outputs (VGA) still work, while every new Apple model has a different proprietary connector. It’s a marketing strategy to sell more adapters, cables, etc., all of which have huge profit margins.

    When I say marketing strategy, I really mean ‘scam.’

  2. Kyle Gann says:

    Scam, indeed. If you can still laugh at it, Lawrence, you’re a calmer man than I am.

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