When I was a kid, summertime meant packing the family into a car and hitting the road.  Our excursions ranged from 30-minute jaunts to cross-country odysseys.  Nobody imagined the existence of carbon footprints back then.

To pass the time and cool the spirits, we’d sing songs.  One of my favorites was

Oh the ocean waves may roll, may roll,
And the stormy winds may blow, may blow
But we poor sailors keep skipping through the tide
And the landlubbers lie down below, below, below
And the landlubbers lie down below.

When I was little, I imagined the useless landlubbers lying dead at the bottom of the ocean.  It wasn’t until much later that I wondered if maybe they were just huddling beneath the deck, getting seriously seasick.

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  1. Janet says:

    Until I read your entry, I also had the distinct impression they were lying on the ocean floor. The doleful tone definitely led one to believe they were goners. Maybe an older sib confirmed this impression.

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