The Scottish composer James Dillon is getting a major shindig at Columbia’s Miller Theater next week; the American composer Lawrence Dillon is not in line for that kind of honor.  I can think of a number of reasons why this should be so, and many of them are good reasons.  Bottom line: I’m happy to cheer whenever any living composer gets this kind of attention, and how much sweeter is it when any composer named Dillon gets hoisted on such muscular institutional shoulders?

Meanwhile, the remarkable violinist/composer Piotr Szewczyk will be performing my Mister Blister tonight on his Violin Futura program at Stetson University.  A diverse range of composers are grateful for Piotr’s outstanding efforts on our behalves.  To be precise, he’ll also be playing works by Lisa Coons, Jianjun He, Carson Cooman, Hiro Morozumi, Mason Bates, Sydney Hodkinson, Lan-chee Lam, Kari Juusela, Tyler Capp, Carl Schimmel and Moritz Eggert.  Oh, and Piotr will be playing a couple of his own pieces as well.

A week from tonight, the Daedalus String Quartet will bring my Infinite Sphere to Russian River Chamber Music in California wine country.  So here’s raising a glass to living composers named Dillon and the wonderful ears that pay them heed, from sea to shining sea.

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