We’re in the midst of exam week now, but next week we launch into Intensive Arts, our annual two-week free-for-all after fall term.

During Intensive Arts, classes are suspended and students engage solely with their chosen art forms.  For musicians, that means lessons, rehearsals, performances and special, one-time seminars.

For the composers, in addition to lessons, we have a few treats in store:

  • Dance-a-Day.  Students enrolled in the technology courses will be paired up with choreographers from the School of Dance to create and perform eight dance pieces in eight days.  A great lesson in going from idea to execution at hyper-speed.
  • Composer Focus: Composition students have been broken into groups to study the music of Missy Mazzoli.  Each group will give a presentation to the rest of us next Thursday.  The following Thursday we’ll meet online with Ms. Mazzoli (thank you, Skype) for a chance to discuss our findings, her music and any other words of wisdom she may have to share.
  • Percussion Ensemble: On December 13th, the Percussion Ensemble will premiere pieces by two of our students, winners of their composition contest.  The pieces are Bruce Tippette’s Escaping Rapture and Alicia Willard’s Spool.

Much looking forward.

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