I’ve become accustomed to not expecting much from premieres – the conditions are rarely conducive to a first-rate performance – but Saturday night was a lovely exception. The performers really delivered, and Shona Simpson, the poet, gave an eloquent and genuine intro that set the mood beautifully.It didn’t hurt that I was sharing the evening with Chopin, Enescu, Brahms, Loeffler and Prokofiev, and yet my piece was accorded the honor of coming last on the program, and getting the most substantial build-up and response. Seems an appropriate way to treat a premiere, but it’s not the rule.

Quite honestly, Still Point deserved the special treatment – it was clearly the equal or better of any of the other pieces on the program. I don’t say that lightly, but this piece really hits the mark.

And although I’ve remarked on it before, I can’t help but exclaim again about the wonderful atmosphere of these Blüthner concerts. It feels so good to be part of an intimate gathering, sipping wine, gathered around the piano and really focusing on the music, in the way much of this chamber music was meant to be heard. I’m not sure how many of us there were – 40? 50? — but we all shared something very special.

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