I’m a big fan of big paper.  Big screens are wonderful, but they have their limitations.  Big paper gets me more music per FOV.  Below: a fairly detailed sketch for a five-minute piece comfortably reclining on two big sheets.

I can see the whole composition at a single glance, and zero in on any detail.

I’ll put this into notation software before too long, but not before I’ve milked this perspective for all it’s worth.  I love technology, but only when it does when I want it to do — I don’t like technology when it tells me what I have to do.

2 Responses to “Big Paper”
  1. Mark Winges says:

    Yeah, big paper is great. Ever tried *landscape* big paper? I kind of get into that . . .

  2. Lawrence Dillon says:

    Have to admit I’m a fan of Portrait layout. Laptop screens still aggravate me after all these years. Not sure why.

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