I love reading about music.  One of the best things in my musical life over the last ten years or so is the ease with which I can read about music pretty much any time I like.

Of course, listening to music is great, too.  But the nice thing about reading about music is the fact that you have to use your imagination.  When someone with a vivid command of the English language puts sound into words, it sparks all kinds of personal associations and ideas that can lead to new work.  The resulting piece can have a kinship with the original, but often in a way that nobody but the composer could identify.

Whereas, hearing.  When I hear a piece, I can be similarly inspired to compose a response — but sound responding to sound often ends up sounding derivative.

So here is a big thank-you to all of those wonderful people who write about music.  It’s a skill I’ve never been able to master, and one that I value more and more.


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