I was sorry to hear, at the beginning of the summer, about all the Sibelius employees who lost their jobs when the UK office was shut down.  I really can’t imagine what it would be like to devote my life to mastering a particular skill, then have absolutely no way to continue using that skill, and have to learn, at the drop of a hat, a completely new skill to feed myself and my loved ones.

By comparison, losing the use of whatever software I’ve employed to notate my music seems far less dire.  I can print out hard copies and save PDFs for as long as hard copies and PDFs are viable.  I can learn new software for new compositions, or go back to pencil and paper if need be.  Not something I would choose to do, but I know I can do it.

What worries me more than the shutdown of any particular software company is a more pernicious thought.  What ever will we all do when these software companies collude to start making money off of particular commands?  Surely it wouldn’t be hard to require that a user be online to operate Sibelius, Finale, Word, whatever – and then how long would it take before they could start charging us 12 cents every time we hit Save?

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