Great to see John Cage getting his due in centennial celebrations this week, and throughout the year.  Though he has been dismissed by many (not so frequently now as in his time), he never seemed to be short of enthusiastic followers, and for good reason.

We’re having a major Cage celebration here this fall, thanks to the organizational genius of my friend and eminent pianist Louis Goldstein.  Here’s a rundown of the first month of festivities:

  • Sept 28 – MUSICIRCUS. Musicians from all around the region will congregate for a performance of this happening from 1967.
  • Oct 4 – Brian Butler, Chair of the Philosophy Department at University of North Carolina-Asheville, will discuss “From the Ironist to the Anarchist Poet: Richard Rorty, Buckminster Fuller and John Cage on the poetic construction of political possibility.”
  • Oct, 9-11 – Rob Haskins (University of New Hampshire), author of Anarchic Societies of Sounds: The Number Pieces of John Cage and a musicologist who has specialized in late Cage, will give a lecture and perform one of Cage’s mesostic poems.
  • Oct 10 – Rob Haskins and Louis Goldstein perform Cage’s Two2 for two pianos.
  • Oct 14 – all-Cage recital by pianist Stephen Drury.
  • Oct 23, 24 – Marjorie Perloff, one of the foremost American critics of contemporary poetry, will lecture on “John Cage as a Conceptual Poet.”
  • Oct 28 – Dancing Cage.
  • Oct 29 – Opening of “Cage Rocks,” a show of Cage drawings, prints, and watercolors in the Hanes Art Gallery.

All events will take place on the campus of our crosstown neighbor, Wake Forest University.

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