I’ve lost count of how many printers I’ve killed over the years.  I don’t think I ever met one I could cohabitate with.  My standards are, all experience to the contrary, way too high.  I cherish two unreasonable notions: 1. It should be fairly easy for a printer to spew out a 50-page score without extensive hand-holding, and 2. Over time, printers will get better, so my next one will be more reliable than my last.

This second belief is the most difficult to defend.  After all, it’s clear from my expectations that — despite all my experience — I’m not getting any smarter.

How lovely that so many people are just as happy to receive PDFs as hard copies these days.  I’m perfectly willing to delegate the printing responsibilities elsewhere.

And here’s a big shout-out to the Atlantic Ensemble as they repeat their brilliant, all-Dillon program for a new audience in Nashville tomorrow.  Sorry to miss!

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