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Next month, Mellissa Hughes is joining Le Train Bleu in the premiere of a new work of mine for soprano and eight instruments at dromnyc.  The piece is called Seven Stories.  It’s about a stuffed animal that falls from the seventh floor of an apartment building.  As she falls, she glimpses figures in the passing windows and struggles to create stories from what she sees.

Like much of my work, Seven Stories both embraces and flies in the face of the current artistic zeitgeist.  I’ll be curious to see how it goes over with the dromcrowd.

More info is just a click away.  And here is the click.

The show, called Toy Stories, is a fascinating and amusing program put together by my long-time friend and colleague – and Music Director of LTR — Ransom Wilson.  In addition to my piece, he’s doing Thomas Adès Living Toys, Matt Marks Sex Objects and Eric Nathan’s Toying.

Batteries, presumably, included.

Seven Stories
World Premiere
Text and music by Lawrence Dillon
Melissa Hughes, soprano
Le Train Bleu
Ransom Wilson, music director
85 Avenue A, NYC
November 7, 2012
7:15 pm

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