Time for me to give a shout-out to string players high and low for events coming up on Tuesday night.

First low, as in Low and Lower, the duo that did so much to put me on the YouTube mapThey will be premiering a composition by my student Bruce Tippette entitled New Birth this Tuesday night at the UNC School of the Arts.  Bruce just became a daddy this past fall, which may have had some impact on the character of the piece and his choice of title.  In any case, it promises to be one of the few straightforward moments on the program, in which the antic duo will also perform a “global warming rendition of Flanders and Swan’s Song of the Weather, a pattered apology to Gilbert and Sullivan and a gift bag of surprises.”  Check out the trailer here.

On the same night, Bowing Rogue, comprised of members of the Milwaukee Symphony, will be giving the Wisconsin premiere of my Multiplicity for six violins.  Here’s where you will find them:  bowing rogue

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