Bouncing around rehearsals and coachings for my students’ annual bash next week, but I want to drop a quick note about the upcoming Jubilus Festival – five nights, five locations, five concerts – about to take over north-central Florida.  The headline ensemble is the Post-Haste Duo, and their opening-night concert is opening with my Sparkling in the Dark.  PH has posted a recording of the piece on their sound cloud here.  But if you want to hear their live version, head over to the Harn Museum of Art in Gainesville this Tuesday night.  That way you’ll get more than just me, you’ll get Nansi Carroll, Lanier Sammons, Peter V. Swendson, Simon Hutchinson and some guy named J.S. Bach.

Same night, different latitude: Exeter, New Hampshire gets a dose of Poke, courtesy of Low and Lower.  Gilbert Concert Series, 7:00 pm.  Not sure what else is on the program, but I wish I could be there, or Florida.  But lucky me, I’m here for a cool concert of music by our composition students that night.  Feeling very fortunate to have too many good options.

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