The end of 2005 marks the conclusion of the first year of this blog, which has certainly taught me a lot about new music and the world, in the process taking me on an infinite number of curves. That makes it an inescapably appropriate time for the ubiquitous nostalgic assessment of the twelve months gone by.

January – Blog launched on January 2nd.

February – premiere of Revenant for Horn and Orchestra, with David Jolley as the soloist and yours truly conducting and writing the review.

March – Trip to Russia to hear the St. Petersburg Chamber Symphony perform my music and teach a seminar to students at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Reports here, here, here, here, here and here.

AprilHosting the Da Capo Chamber Players.

May – In Paris for the premiere of What Happened: reports here, here, here, here, here and here.

JuneRevisions, Revisions.

July – A chance to reflect on the composer’s role in society

August – Stephen James Dillon arrives, a bit late, much like his father in many ways. He’ll probably have his own blog going before long — his first word was “google.”

September – The 2005-06 NCSA’s Composers Forum begins, with fascinating discussions about cultural significance.

OctoberOpen Dream Ensemble takes off from here, here, and here.

November – Students report on the creative process in dance, drama, filmmaking and visual arts.

December – A summary of the year gone by.

It’s been a fun year for me here at S21. Here’s wishing you all a peaceful and productive 2006.

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