The best part about the Outer Banks is the National Seashore – gorgeous beaches that stretch for miles without any sign of commercialization. It’s a trek to get out here (a five-hour drive for me, and I live in-state), so the development further up the coast hasn’t hit this far down. I was never a big beach guy, but this is my seventh summer here, and I’ve come to realize that the beach is never a single thing – every visit is a new experience. Many people can’t imagine going to the beach on anything but a hot, sunny day, but overcast skies sometimes bring out special qualities in the air and in the indigenous populations.

Yesterday, Rebecca and I found some time away from work for a pleasant stroll in the sand, in the course of which we saw a school of dolphins feeding about 30 feet away, a flock of pelicans skirting the waves in tight formation, a beached conch shell, and countless splots of jellyfish. The fact that there was a light drizzle made little difference in our quiet delight. I got some great pictures, but for some reason Blogger isn’t letting me upload them.

Last night’s production of Twelfth Night was a victim of a rainstorm, so instead audiences were treated to an impromptu cabaret act in the Art Gallery.

Fine arts and flip flops – sure suits me.

[S21 update -- somebody has taken a chainsaw to my wiki page. I guess that kind of thing is to be expected, but it seems a shame.]

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