Just back from Boston and a lovely (and rare) opportunity to perform with my wife. She’s a fantastic flutist and I am a mediocre pianist, so I always feel like I’m holding her back a bit, but it’s still a great pleasure to share the stage from time to time. The piece was a slight work of mine, suitable for a mediocre keyboard player — so it’s fair to say that the performance was masterful.

Another highlight of the trip was the chance to visit with my sister in Jamaica Plain and take a long walk through the Arboretum on Saturday morning, passing through a thousand lilacs with pointed blossoms and heart-shaped leaves.

Tonight’s the premiere of my Sonata: Motion for flute and piano. It’s going to be played by Tadeu Coelho and Allison Gagnon. I heard a rehearsal last Thursday that reminded me how fortunate I am to have such unbelievable artists dedicate so much time and hard work to my music. Allison is a pianist of tremendous sensitivity, and Tadeu makes everything look easy. You can never tell when he is circular breathing: there’s no break in the sound or sign of effort.

The premiere of Blown Away went very well on Friday night, according to the disk I received yesterday. I’m very happy with the piece. It was my first attempt at writing for wind ensemble, so I was ready for disappointment — I wasn’t sure I had a secure grasp of the medium. But it worked beautifully, and it was also an excellent learning opportunity for me, if I ever decide to write for wind ensemble again.

Heard a rehearsal of another piece of mine yesterday, one that’s slated for a premiere next week — but more on that later.

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