Random Notes:

  • March is the month when Petersburgians are most likely to be killed by falling icycles. This morning I was whistled by a traffic cop for walking too close to a building that was tossing deadly chunks of ice down at the passing pedestrians.
  • The Cyrillic alphabet is like John Cage: first it is annoying, then it’s fun, then it’s annoying, then it’s fun, then it’s annoying, then it’s fun, etc., etc., etc.
  • Health Notes: 1] Nobody here is overweight. 2] Everybody here smokes.
  • Sidewalk shoveling seems to be the exclusive provenance of women.
  • It’s been snowing two days straight, but weather seems to have no impact on the steady, heavy flow of pedestrian traffic and daily business on Nevsky Prospect. Even street musicians continue to perform, with temperatures in the single digits (Fahrenheit).
  • I tried to buy some sausage at a market around the corner, but the grocers refused to sell it to me, insisting that I really wanted hot dogs. Who was I to argue? But I really wanted the sausage.
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