Mp3 Blog #10: “Dark Globe”

Syd Barrett:
”Dark Globe” (1969)

Available on The Madcap Laughs

A few days ago, Syd Barrett died in his home at 60.

In one of my former lives, Pink Floyd was one of my favorite bands. Although a number of Pink Floyd guitar tab transcriptions I did in High School still litter the net, those fandom days are behind me and I can hardly stand listening to Pink Floyd anymore. The only exception to this generality is the first Pink Floyd album and only one where Syd Barrett was at the helm.

Syd Barrett had the unique ability to write and sing songs that are simultaneously absurd, silly, tragic, and constantly sound on the verge of collapsing. Although he only recorded a few albums before even turning 30, he has spawned countless imitators and a whole chunk of indie songwriters owe their debt to these recordings that document his mental breakdown.

After leaving Pink Floyd, the rest of the group wrote a number of literal and metaphorical tributes to Syd Barrett. However, not to dismiss the rest of Pink Floyd’s heart and efforts, I contend that the best tributes for Syd Barrett are the ones he wrote for himself.

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