Elodie Lauten is performing and presenting her piano and chamber music on Tuesday, October 3 – 8 PM at Faust Harrison Pianos, 205 West 58th Street in Manhattan.

Elodie will perform selections from her new Piano Soundtracks CD, including Variations on the Orange Cycle, a work that was included in Chamber Music America’s list of 100 best works of the 20th century. Pianist Francois Nezwazky, violinist Tom Frenkel and cellist Kurt Behnke will give the World Premiere of her new trio, The Elusive Virgin Bachelor.

The concert is free and open to the public, however, a donation of $15 is suggested. For reservations and information, call (212) 388-0202 or (516) 586-3433 or email mailto:jamesarts@worldnet.att.net

So you think all S21 regulars are Euromodernist wannabes?  This should set you straight.  Tom’s Myron’s new Violin Concerto.

3 thoughts on “Family Bidness”
  1. In principle, yes. But you know my track record with you so far … I still owe you several CD reviews. I’m hesitant to promise anything on a schedule right now, especially this fall semester.

  2. Our policy is praise away if you must. Actually, I’d like to find somebody to write a regular review/column every couple of weeks or at least once a month about works that are only available online, especially those written or played by our dedicated inmates. Any volunteers, Eric?

  3. Isn’t Tom’s Violin Concerto a stunning piece of work? I didn’t know what the S21 policy was on using the front page to praise a member composer’s work that wasn’t on a CD. I didn’t know about Tom until I looked him up after he flamed the editor of Fanfare in this summer’s little dustup. Clearly, passion cuts both ways. I sat spellbound through the entire work on a stiff chair at my worktable listening through little headphones on my little laptop.

    I love the hardcore stuff too (like Jeff Harrington’s headbanging piano preludes, especially No.16 which is one of the great keyboard works of the past decade at least), but what I really like is music that’s well done, almost regardless of style. When it’s harmonically rich and fetchingly orchestrated (and well performed), I’m in hog heaven.

    BTW, Tom, I’m still waiting for the CD. As I said, I’m happy to pay for a copy.

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