Judith Lang Zaimont’s new music/art video, Beasts is now up on YouTube but you can watch it right here by clicking the little pointer thing. The video features paintings and drawings by Gary Zaimont who, I believe, is Judith’s husband, from his Large Animal Series of 2007-08. The videography is by Michael Bregman.

The music is Growler, one movement from Judith’s Symphony for Wind Orchestra in Three Scenes in a performance is by the University of Minnesota Wind Ensemble, directed by Dr. Jerry Luckhardt, from the 2004 World Premiere. Enjoy.

See Judith’s discussion of the piece here. Her comments reflect, I think, some of the ambivalence that composers (and writers and all creative people) have toward the notion of “social media” and the rather casual “borrowing” that goes on on the web. On the one hand, it is copyright infringement and morally and legally wrong (if not very enforceable); on the other hand, it can bring you a new and enthusiastic audience. Somebody should start a discussion of this over on the Forum page which could really use a new topic.