Well, that is if the time happens to be this Tuesday September 08 from 7:00pm EDT, ’till 7:00pm EDT Wednesday September 09, and you pin your ear to Princeton’s WPRB (103.3FM). I’m just reminding you of what Elodie Lauten has already so nicely plugged a little while back on her own blog: that it’s once again time for radio host Marvin Rosen to serve up his annual Classical Discoveries Marathon.

And by “all new”, I don’t mean just the stock & standard 20th-century stuff; this year’s adventure is titled “Viva 21st Century – American Edition” — music by almost 100 composers alive and working in the here and now! It’s safe to say that there’s just about nothing else on the airwaves that can match that achievement, so you’ve got every reason to be there and not be square.

If that’s not enough, on Wednesday September 16th Marvin is hosting an 80th birthday celebration of George Crumb. From 11:00am till 3:00pm Crumb himself will join Marvin, along with Orchestra 2001 conductor James Freeman. And just prior, from 8:30 am until 11am, Marvin’s guest will be composer Derek Bermel.

Tune in and hang on; your crash-course in what’s been happening the last 8.5 years is about to begin! Infinite thanks to Marvin and his commitment to the cause of our new music.

7 thoughts on “Radio Radio: all new, all the time”
  1. WPRB presents the best Classical music programming I have ever heard. The perfect antidote to commercial stations, and in the internet to streams like Classical 24 and the gone and not missed Classical Public radio Network.

    And, Marvin, he’s The Man!! There is no other programming anywhere like Classical Discoveries and Classical Discoveries goes Avantgarde.

    And, Alex Shapiro above, is that Alex Shapiro of “Notes From the Kelp” on Innova?

  2. I’m really looking forward to hearing as much of this as I can. I host a twice a month classical show which focusses entirely on 21st century composers and I’m curious to see where our playlists overlap.


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