goldbergAhead of its Oct 23rd general release date Adam Golberg, the actor who portrays all-too-well a modern “avant-something” composer/performer in the new film (Untitled) (with score by David Lang), will be making an appearance on CBS’ Late-Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight at 12:35 AM.  (Hey, if you can’t get actual new-musicians on the mainstream media, might as well settle for someone who plays one!) Here’s hoping Ferguson picks up on the quirky charm and knowing ribbing, rather than the more typical “I just don’t get these losers” read. Sure, hipster new-music meets hipster gallery is an exotic, pretentious, even meaningless place for most of us out of (and perhaps even in!) that scene, but every dog deserves its day.

2 thoughts on “Some late-late news on (Untitled)”
  1. I saw an advance dvd copy and must admit I found it totally cringe-worthy, even unwatchable. Plenty to satirize in the art world, of course, but this is inept.

  2. Looks amazing! It’s a great world to satirise, but I bet that us people in and around it will also enjoy it the most.

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