lvbMy guitarist friend in Mexico, Alexandra Cárdenas, passes along a request received from a German accordionist Eva Zöllner:

Dear friends, I need your help for a project I will present at RADAR festival in Mexico City in March. As part of a new version of Mauricio Kagel‘s LUDWIG VAN I am working on a collage of Beethoven fragments.

I’d like to ask you to contribute to this project by recording a Beethoven tune for me, preferably in an unusual manner (for example singing under the shower, whistling bits of the viola part of the Egmont Overture backwards, ….. whatever you feel like…).

I need your recordings (they can be very short, don’t even think about practising all the cello sonatas on your bass recorder… 😉  by email to eva (at) until February 20.

I look forward to your ideas and I’d be happy to have many of you join this little project. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or forward this to some friends.

Many thanks, Eva

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