Our adorable amiga Amanda Ameer, the music publicist extraordinaire, is hosting a discussion for Chamber Music America about the ways composers and other artists are using social media to promote themselves and their work and she’d love to have your experiences be part of it.  It starts at 1 pm eastern on Wednesday July 14 (today).

UPDATE: The entire hour-long chat was lively and went well. It’s been archived; for a replay of the whole conversation, Click Here.

3 thoughts on “Join Amanda’s Social Media Chat Party”
  1. A litt extra food for thought: our compatriots in the pop/rock music world have been giving this a good go for a while now, at a site called Music Think Tank:


    There are a number of observations and ideas that might be profitably used in the newer classical millieu.

  2. Amanda, et al…

    This looks great. I just started a project dedicated to brainstorming new ways “classical” music can be delivered, etc. in an effort to bring it to wider audiences, bring in younger people, etc. etc. I suspect that the new media will be a major part of it. Looking forward to this discussion!


  3. You got it. The idea is to use the ‘Chamber Music’ magazine article as a launch pad for discussion. There’s not a silver bullet for these things–join Twitter and you’ll sell one MILL-ion CDs– so we’re interested to hear what’s working and what’s not. Is “everybody’s doing it” enough of a reason to join Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Foursquare/”the blogosphere”, or should there be more strategy involved? “See” you next week, hopefully!

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