This has got to be a first. Luis Andrei Cobo is offering his services to compose a grand opera to the highest Ebay bidder. For $150,000 you can buy a grand opera over 2 hours in length.

Cobo estimates that he’ll need 2 years of full-time work to complete the project, so $75K/year will enable him to maintain the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed as a software programmer.

Don’t have $150K? That’s OK, he’s open to other offers. For as little as $32,000 he will write a half-hour long chamber opera for 3 to 5 singers.

The winning bidder will get to suggest subject matter for the opera, be able to produce the work royalty-free, and upon the composer’s death, the highest bidder or the heir(s) of the bidder will inherit the work.

Sounds like a deal. Then again, obtaining an actual staging of the finished work….

Complete information on this ebay item can be found here. Good luck on your bid!

4 thoughts on “Because Opera Directors Look for New Operas on Ebay”
  1. Thanks for the history lesson, Dennis! By posting this, I was not disapproving of Cobo’s technique. Whatever works, as long as no one is hurt, right? I was merely expressing skepticism that he’ll get a commission. I was unaware that composers offer their services on ebay. I’m with Nick. I just might have to get some of that action too, now.

  2. Maybe the first opera-only eBay ad, but definitelly not the first. I advertised “We Are All Mozart” on eBay back in 2007, and one of the options was to buy an opera (among any other piece at the rate of $1 per measure-part). There are other composers who offer their services on eBay all the time, and you probably know some of them. Gotta earn a living!

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