Some final, random thoughts as I prepare to head to NYC on Sunday to rehearse and perform Singing silver with ICE:
  • I initially had misgivings about being included in this concert, but now I’m glad I’m doing it. It’s good to take myself out of my comfort zone now and then, and there are a lot of things about this program that are a bit off-road for me. However it goes, I will know a few things I didn’t know before, and that makes me happy.
  • How will I like working with the ICE musicians? I’ve never met them, and I’m unaccustomed to performing with strangers. Here’s hoping we are able to hit it off quickly. I had initially booked them for a residency here at the NC School of the Arts, based on some recommendations from people whose opinion I respect. Then this concert came up and I thought As Long As I’m Already Negotiating With Them, Why Not Perform With Them?
  • I’m relying heavily on the skills of the sound technician, another collaborator I haven’t yet met – and I won’t meet him until 75 minutes before the performance. This is very amusing to me, because I’m usually pretty cautious, not to say anal, about these things. How clearly will I be able to convey to him the sound I am looking for? The risk, of course, is unintelligibility, which would be a shame. And I’ll be up on stage, not really knowing what the audience is hearing.
  • The piece is scored for soprano, horn, cello, guitar and narrator. Narrator! I hate calling myself that – it’s not like I’m going to tell the story of Babar the Elephant or something. But what else is there? Reciter? Reader? Lame. The way I use my voice to interact with the music is – well, I haven’t come up with a word to describe it.
  • How will I handle meeting all of the other Sequenza21 composers for the first time? I’m not a person who can rely on being socially graceful in unfamiliar circumstances – sometimes I’m fine, but sometimes my toes reach back to tickle my tonsils. The social aspects of this profession are tricky — we’re all very sensitive creatures.
  • I love this piece. Will anyone else like it?
  • Will Jerry bring his cat?
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