Our friend Marco Antonio Mazzini is inviting all clarinetists to participate in the first “Musical Marathon – Prize for Most Creative Interpretation” contest that will take place on the web, from January 10th to August 10th, 2007.  Each contestant must make and submit a recording of “Convalescencia, a solo clarinet piece by Argentinean composer Juan María Solare. This score is available HERE. All the details are here

“The title of this event focuses on the ‘creative’ word:  the piece we selected can be played (technically) by any average clarinet student, but the fun is…what to do with it,”  Marco says.  “Also, it can be performed in any clarinet.

“One of the members of the Clariperu jury is the godfather of the bass clarinet, Harry Sparnaay (my hero). Bass clarinetist don’t have many competitions (if any!).”

Marco also asked that we mention his group’s sponsors, Vandoren, Periferia Music and Radio Fabrik.   But, of course, we don’t do such things.

Enjoy the film.


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  1. The score is ready, and its available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, German and Italian. Thanks for the nice comments…

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