Heard from Judith Sherman, who took part in the historic Carnegie Hall performance of Terry Riley’s In C last Friday night. Judy is, as anyone knows who is familiar with these things, one of the top recording producers in the Classical arena, with a particular expertise in new music. Ten Grammy nominations, with Top Classical Producer wins in 1993 and 2007 etc., etc. Here’s her report:
A mountaintop experience. I hadn’t sung in public since 1978, so it took some time to get flexibility back into the voice, etc. But my, what fun!

She went on to tell me that Mark Stewart, who was playing home-made instruments in the performance, was suffering from shingles. “By the end of the evening, the pain was gone and hasn’t really come back – some itch, but not much pain. So In C cures shingles.”

So you heard it here: drop your anti-viral drugs, gather your friends, get a pulse going and start wailing away on your modules.

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