Further Digitizing My Existence

Trees in Mont-Royal park bathed in afternoon winter sun

For a long time I’ve wanted to make some of my music available for free online. However I’ve never really had the finances to pay for my own web space so, not long along, I created a page on myspace.com.

The great part about having a myspace account, besides being to able amass a virtual mob of friends, is being able to host four mp3s for free.

The only problems are that I have the nasty habits of working very slowly and rejecting many of my previous compositions. Also, I found that there is a maximum file length/size which one can post. For instance, I would have to cut my one movement 22 minute string quartet into three mp3s if I wanted to host the entire piece. If anybody knows of a server where I can acquire some free web space, please let me know.

…then there’s also the strange cult-like status that myspace has to begun develop.

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