11 thoughts on “What Makes It Seem So Exciting?”
  1. fall is what makes me realize nyc is not the northeast. nyc doesn’t hold a candle to southern NH and western MA in that department. fall is when i miss new england (no, really: THE center of the universe…) the most.

  2. I agree, nothing like fall in the northeast. Everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime.

  3. Man, do I miss autumn in the great Northeast (there just does not seem to be that fall here in SF). But there WILL be October baseball in both New York and Oakland, and that’s what really makes the fall great (I say, with great risk, that the A’s may have a better chance (if they can get through the first round, whomever thet play (Tigers or Twins) than the Yankees; Mets have it a little easier, but look out for those Phillies in the wild card and to hell with the Dodgers).

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