Things have been pretty quiet over at the S21 Naxos blog for awhile but there is a terrific post up now by Collin Rae, Naxos of America’s Marketing and Special Projects Manager, who recently started a series of email discussions with composers, all of which which have been posted on PMS #286 Appreciation Society, the Naxos of America blog. This discussion with composer David Lang yielded some interesting answers— including a list of terrific musical favorites.  Harold in Italy?

And, speaking of blogs, Charles Colman has a splendid new one called The Downtown Interlude.  Any man who loves Sweet Pea’s “Lush Life” is ok in my book.

And, hey, today is Andre Previn’s 80th birthday which raises the musical question–do you think they’re still doing it?  You can leave your best wishes here.

2 thoughts on “Desert Island Discoing With David Lang, Living Lushly, and Andre’s 80th”
  1. do you think they’re still doing it?

    If so, that would be somewhat surprising, since they divorced in 2006.

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