Despite there already being many musical highlights since Alan Gilbert joined the orchestra as music director, of late the NY Philharmonic has also had its share of successes offstage. Their PR office has steadily been increasing the orchestra’s presence on a variety of social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube among them. This no doubt in part helped to get out the word about their performances of Ligeti’s Le Grand Macabre.

Their latest addition is a Tumblr account. Tumblr is a handy platform for sharing media heavy blog posts. In addition to my blog here, I maintain a Tumblr page for File Under ?, putting up videos and audio excerpts that often dovetail with what’s going on here at Sequenza 21.

One imagines a number of ways that the Philharmonic can employ Tumblr, providing one-stop shopping for various videos, audio excerpts, program notes, and press releases: materials that inform both audience members and press folks alike.

To give people an extra incentive to visit their Tumblr blog, the orchestra is entering all of the folks who “follow” the site by Nov. 1 in a ticket drawing. A lucky social media maven will win a pair of tickets to hear them at Avery Fisher Hall!

3 thoughts on “NY Phil adds More Social Media”
  1. I agree. I really enjoyed the symphony. I know (first hand experience…) that Marsalis can be a polarizing figure in the jazz world but he can play and he does take you places as a writer.

    And it was nice to see the Phil members sweat! It’s funny because at one point during the performance I turned to my wife and said “Boy, I would have loved to have heard a rehearsal for this piece…”

  2. I enjoyed the 9/22 rehearsal of Wynton Marsalis’s Swing Symphony this morning and then the live telecast on public television, Channel 13, tonight. What a great gift to NY this was. The audience this morning was full of jazz listeners who were newcomers to the NY Phil…you could tell because they applauded individual riffs and applauded after each movement, something the hard-core rehearsal audience wouldn’t dream of doing. Welcome jazz fans! [Marsalis was brilliant; let’s have more.]

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