…surf over to our sister ship, Chamber Musician Today, and check out today’s menu.  We have the latest installment in violinist Marjorie Kransberg-Talvi’s remarkable continuing memoirs of growing up as an almost child prodigy driven by the dreams of a needy and demanding mother.  Her story is as riveting as it is painful.  Alison Lowell, aka oboetoast, has a piece about what you can learn from negative critiques (as in when a teacher you respect says “Oh, no,  I don’t think you’re conservatory material.”)   On a lighter note, Elaine Fine tells you where you can find the free sheet music for  Oh Vere Iss Mine Leedle Tog Gone and Other Funny Sings for Ukelele and Andy Hollanbeck (with a little help from me in the comments) ponders Christmas music that isn’t quite as crappy as the usual fare.  We’re hoping  you’ll add some suggestions to the comments.

If you register at CMT, you can blog there directly when you feel like it or add your existing blog, post musical events to the calendar, create a profile to promote yourself or your group, and generally make yourself taller and more attractive.   I launched the site as a lark a couple of months ago and it’s already built a decent-sized, loyal following.  I have no idea what to do with it next–maybe find a sponsor?  I’d like to give it to the Chamber Music America folks (with some strings attached) but haven’t been able to get anyone there to talk to me.  Anybody got an idea?

4 thoughts on “If you’ve maxed out on football and turkey…”
  1. Thanks, Jerry. I’m going to forward the site’s address to my friends at Musiqa and see what they think. I think it’d be a great resource for them for PR and connecting to the world outside of H-Town.

    The site doesn’t load quickly – in fact, I had to hit stop and reload in order to get the site to load. I’m using Safari and Firefox. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this or not, but thought I’d mention it. It’s a nice concept! Thanks!

  2. Hi, Chris: Anyone who signs up is a member is a potential contributor (because everyone registered can create blog posts, write reviews, and post calendar events). The people I have listed as “contributors” are people or groups that have an existing blog that they have added (or I added for them) to the CMT RSS moderation feed. When they post something on their blog, I automatically get a copy which I use at CMT , or not. If someone doesn’t have a blog somewhere else but creates posts at CMT occasionally, I’ll add them to the contributors list. So far, nobody’s done that. In your case, you’re welcome to repost your S21 stuff there and I’ll use the ones that are “chambery” and list your as a contributor, with a link to Musiqa, if you like.

  3. Jerry, what’s the difference between “contributors” and “members” on the site? If the organization I work for – Musiqa – which is made up of five composers and a variety of musicians – joins, how can they appear in the roll call where similar groups like Ethel and Eighth Blackbird appear?


  4. Wish I had some ideas re: someone sponsoring the site. But I will let the concert/chamber musicians I’ve come to know here in Houston know about the site though. There are some incredible musicians down here!

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