…and the results were not good… One of the brightest small labels for new music in the last 4-5 years has been NYC’s New Amsterdam Records. Founded by Judd GreensteinSarah Kirkland Snider, and William Brittelle, its catalog is full of some of the best young, fresh composers working today, performed by a bevy of equally fresh & talented players. This label has quickly risen to the forefront in capturing and disseminating the newer American scene.

All of that hard work has unfortunately just gotten a lot harder; Their offices are in the Redhook area of New York City, and weren’t dealt kindly with by Hurricane Sandy. As Sarah Kirkland Snider writes on her Facebook page:

Our new New Amsterdam HQ in Red Hook was totaled by Sandy. The water mark is over 4′. We had moved much of the office to higher ground prior to the storm, and elevated everything else, but we still lost all files/paperwork, a hard drive, some furniture, vintage synthesizers and music gear, and most of our CD stock. Our landlord does not have flooding insurance, and our attempts to acquire it before the storm were denied. There is some talk of FEMA helping uninsured Red Hook businesses, but that seems like a long shot. Stunned and heavy-hearted we are.

Truly a catastrophe for a small company like this… Clean-up and picking through has begun, but they’re certainly going to need a lot of help to get back to a point where they can continue the outstanding service they’ve done to new music listeners, performers and composers alike. Nothing is set yet, but at the very least you can “like” their Facebook page to show your support, and to stay aware of any coming requests for help, donations, or benefits.

New Amsterdam is truly a treasure, and we’re absolutely rooting for a comeback.

6 thoughts on “New Amsterdam Records meets Sandy”
  1. I have heard that the storm will run into $60 billion plus, regardless of all the preparation that was put into place. With a four foot level it would have been virtually impossible to plan for in such short time. Good luck with the replacements and hopefully getting some insurance for future protection ..

  2. As someone who supports arts and culture in Canada, If I, or my studio can be of ANY help whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I found your label to be a shining beacon in American music.
    I look forward to a NEW New Amsterdam. best wishes for all of you and your families.canterburymusic.ca

  3. On behalf of New Amsterdam, big thanks to Steve and Seq21 for posting this article. The devastation at our offices and in the Red Hook area, a vibrant corner of town full of artists and craftsmen, is truly heartbreaking. We’ve put together a page outlining our situation, and are extremely grateful to all those who have already helped us out.


    And a link for those hoping to help out in Red Hook:


  4. I hope those who are leading the rebuilding effort recognize that essential services that need to come back include groups like New Amsterdam. It’s their work that lightens the heavy hearts and gruelling work of recovery.

  5. Thank you for spreading the word on this. New Amsterdam is a beating-heart center of the NYC contemporary classical/new music, and their loss is our loss. It’s heartening to see, already, the outpouring of desire to help. We all look forward to learning how best we can give support.

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