Call for Scores:

Deadline: January 31, 2011

The contemporary classical music website Sequenza 21 (, in partnership with Manhattan New Music Project (, is pleased to issue a call for scores. Composers of any age may submit a single work with the following instrumentation: violins (2), viola, cello, piano, and percussion. Works for smaller groupings (solos, duos, trios, etc.) that employ the above instruments are especially welcome.  In the interest of performing as many entries as possible, pieces that are shorter in duration may be preferred.

Several pieces will be selected from these entries for our 2011 concert in New York City (date/location TBA), performed by the American Contemporary Music Ensemble – ACME ( The program committee will include Christian Carey (Sequenza 21), Clarice Jensen (ACME), and Hayes Biggs (Manhattan School of Music).

There is no entry fee. There is also no remuneration apart from the performance. Those composers selected for the concert will be responsible for their own travel and accommodations should they wish to attend the event.

Scores with CD recordings (if available) will be accepted at the address below until 5 PM on Monday, January 31, 2011. Please do not send parts at this time. Materials will be returned if accompanied by an SASE with appropriate postage.

Sequenza 21/MNMP 2011 concert



243 West 30th Street,

Suite 500,

New York, NY 10001


Deadline: 5 PM on January 31, 2011 (receipt of materials; not postmark deadline)

Age limit: none

Entry fee: none

Limitations: only one (1) work per entrant will be considered.

Instrumentation: vlns (2), vla, clo, pno, perc

Prize: a New York performance by ACME, sponsored by Sequenza 21 and MNMP.

Return of materials: With SASE

Submitted works that do not conform to the above guidelines cannot be considered for inclusion on the program.

41 Responses to “Sequenza 21/MNMP Call for Scores”
  1. Don Myers says:

    Just checked with UPS, my score which should’ve reached you on Friday has been rescheduled for delivery tomorrow due to inclement weather New York has been enduring. I’m hoping that since my package was sent in plenty of time to reach you by the deadline that the weather challenges will be taken into consideration. But if not, there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s not like I could’ve just “walked” it over to you.

  2. Natasha says:

    Just found out about this through RIP Milton Babbit. Sadly there is no way for my score to be there by Monday. It is Saturday afternoon. Wishing everyone good luck.

  3. Christian says:


    It’s due Monday.
    We have no idea what next year will bring.
    I can’t handicap your scores for the judges.

  4. Bob says:

    It is too late for me to enter (just finding out about the call for scores on Friday night January 28.) If the call for scores is repeated next year, will the same instrumentation be used? Also, my works tend to vary in tonal content from score to score. Would an unabashedly Brahmsian score (if done well) rate as highly as a cluster based piece by the judges? I could submit either one…

  5. Christian says:


    We’re only looking at scores for the instrumentation listed in the call.


  6. margo says:

    Does one of the violinists play viola, perchance? I have a viola duo.

  7. Nicolas says:

    I only saw the announcement yesterday and sent my score today from Paris, France.
    I hope it arrives on time by Monday.
    thank you

  8. Christian says:

    1. We’ll announce the winners on Sequenza 21’s website once we’ve had a chance to go through the scores.
    2. No.
    3. Just name, address, and email.
    4. Yes please.

  9. Jahyun says:

    Here are questions;

    1. How can I know whether my score get there, or my score is picked?
    2. Is there a proper application form?
    3. What personal information should I submit?
    4. Can I write my name and e-mail address on the score?

    Thank you 🙂

  10. Christian says:


    Asked and answered. Please read comments 18 & 19.

  11. Chris says:

    Could I submit a three-movement string quartet (ca. 11 minutes) that you could choose an individual movement from? Or would it be better to submit a 7-minute violin and piano piece?

  12. PS Brian: Sure – save yourself some postage!

  13. Jon,

    Hi. All we need for this round is a conductor’s score. If you can coil or comb bind a double-sided copy, that’s always easy to handle. Good luck!


    We’re urging pithy pieces, but either of these timings is fine. Please don’t worry about the difference between a 3 and 5 minute piece. Make it the best representation of your work you can. Again, best of luck!

  14. Jon B says:

    Hi Christian,
    I am new to scoring ensemble compositions. Do I need to send every score for each instrument, or just the conductor’s score? If so, what’s the best way to bind it? Sorry I’m a noob lol. Thanks!

  15. Matt Weber says:

    Hi! The piece I’m looking at submitting is currently only around 3:00 long. I was advised to expand it to around maybe 4:30 or 5:00 by some musicians I presented it to this weekend. Will a piece of that length be less likely to be selected than one that’s only 3:00?


  16. Brian says:


    If we live in NYC, can we drop off the score at the location? Thanks.

  17. Chris and all,

    Again, no extra participants and no extra tech requirements. Just the forces listed above.



  18. Would works with amplification / electronics be possible? I would be in New York to run them.

  19. Christian says:

    1) Yes.
    2) Yes.
    3) No. Recordings are helpful, but not required.
    4) We’ll listen to MIDI or live recordings.

  20. Hello !

    4 questions :

    1) A composition that has won a composition contest can be accepted ?

    2) A composition that has been pubblicly performed can be accepted ?

    3) Will you give a preference to works with a recording included ?

    4) Is it fine if the recording is a demo with midi sounds, or you just accept CDs of real performances ?

    Thanks !

  21. Christian says:

    C Culpo,

    No. The group has one percussionist.

  22. C Culpo says:

    Will a composition for string quartet and 2 percussion be accepted?


  23. Christian says:


    If you’d like to submit a movement or excerpt of your quartet that you feel works as a stand alone piece, we’d be glad to consider that.

    On an unrelated note, several folks have inquired about adding additional forces to ACME on the concert. That’s not going to work this time out. Please adhere to the instrumentation list above.


  24. Don Myers says:


    Since the goal is to include as many pieces and composers as possible, are excerpts of longer works acceptable? I have a string quartet in mind, however, it’s 19 minutes long. But, the II-IV movements are a good representation of the work and they are about five minutes long. I like to submit the piece for consideration, but I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.



  25. Christian says:


    It’s not a blind call.


    We hope to record the concert but have not worked out those details as of yet. So, for now the only firm commitment is for a NY performance.

  26. Alex says:

    Will the selected composer be able to get the recording of his piece from Sequenza 21 after the performance ?

  27. Bob S. says:

    Can we submit anonymously or do you want to know the names of the composers?

  28. There isn’t a time limit per se (certainly not a minimum time limit!).

    But please remember that we’re trying to include as many pieces as possible from the call, so lengthier works may be more difficult to accomodate.

  29. Mo Doris says:

    Is there a minimum time limit?

  30. Hello,

    i’m interested to post a score of my string quartet. The duration is 25 min. Is it too long ? Have you a “time limit” for the works ?
    thank you

    Benoît Menut

  31. No. You may only send one piece.

  32. Cliniio says:

    Its clear just one peace will be selected for entrant. But may a composer send many works?

  33. Hey! A Sequenza21 concert! Sounds great. Takes me back . . .

  34. Folks,

    Given the deadline, we are not expecting all brand new works.

    It’s an open call. We’re going to look at the music we get and pick a good program for ACME to perform.

    Pick your best piece that suits the guidelines above, bind the score, and get to the post office. Best of luck to all.

  35. Hello!

    Sorry to be pedantic…

    Can the score be a few years old, or are you looking for baby-fresh works?

    Kind regards,

  36. Hi everyone.

    To clarify, all are welcome to apply. No age limit, no geographical restrictions, no entrance fee.

    We are not accepting email submissions. You must mail us a legible score (recording optional).

    Percussion does include pitched percussion. Please be pragmatic in your setup.

    You may send us scores for any subset of, or for the entire, ACME instrumentation. But please remember that we are trying to include as many composers as possible.

    That’s why we’re recommending shorter works for subsets of the ensemble in the call.

  37. xjr98 says:

    Hi- just wondering, would composers of all nationalities/residencies be welcome to apply?

  38. AdamG says:

    I assume percussion includes pitched percussion (xylophone, marimba, etc.). Is that right?

  39. Mario Godoy says:

    This is really exciting. I’ll send my score off next week.

  40. Jeff,

    No. We’re looking at physical scores this time out.


  41. Can we submit by email?