The nice people at Chamber Music America have invited your humble correspondent (that’s me) to discuss “Using Social Networking to Promote Your Ensemble or Series” next Tuesday, February 2, at St. Peter’s Church, 619 Lexington Avenue at 54th St. from 3 pm to 5 pm.  It’s free but seating is limited so to make sure you get a seat, you should contact Marc Giosi, Program Associate, by 12 noon, Monday, February 1st at (212) 242-2022, ext. 14; or   (The CMA folks are being overly optimistic, I suspect.)

Of all the things I know a little bit about, social marketing is one of my better topics, having started one of the more popular social media websites on the web.  Not to mention the Sequenza21 community which is not huge but has one of the most loyal followings around.  Come on over and I’ll try to say something useful about how to use the web to generate some promotion for your group or series.  I seldom leave the house to go further than Starbucks so this is a rare opportunity to confirm that there really is a person named Jerry Bowles

And, I could use some examples to show of groups or musicians who have particularly nice pages on Facebook and MySpace or who have done something clever with YouTube.  Ideas, please?

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  1. Will you be making any of your talking points available for online reference? I’d be very interested to hear not only your suggestions, but any discussion that they result in.

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